About us


It is children’s innate ability to raise questions, to be experimental, to be observational and to be analytical towards our natural world. Children do not get discouraged easily and are always positive. In spite of falling and crying while learning to walk, they will always get back on their  feet before long. Our children have got such a creative mind that they will  ask questions for which the answers we have never thought of as parents. Children are indeed unique and are always ready to learn with the right educator in the right learning environment.


Teachers at Nur Cemerlang  do understand that children cannot learn well under pressure, threats or any other negative ways of teaching that will demotivate the students. The negativity will discourage children from being cooperative in class and in the long run, they will lose their motivation and interest in learning. In order to produce excellent students, they must always be nappy to learn, free to ask questions, to analyse, to express their opinions and to cooperate with the teachers, as well as with their friends, during lessons.


Our priority is to win every students’ hearts, to build a
good relationship and trust between students and teachers and also to make them feel safe and comfortable with their surroundings. When all of these have been achieved, children are ready to learn. The relationship between students and teachers is the foundation of developing brilliant and successful students in the future.


Love is what children need the most. We strive our best to be the caregiver of your children. We are their father and mother here. We will cheer your children. up when they are sad; we will be singing like a singer, dancing like a dancer, telling stories like a jester to your children. Sometimes we will even be the police to discipline your children., the nurse when your children are ill, the nanny feeding your children. when they have no appetite for food. These are the ways we take care of your children, build a good rapport with them and create a conducive environment for your children to learn best at Nur Cemerlang.